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My Quest for music was reborn

Right from the young age, I had an innate interest in Music. I took to Mridangam at the age of 6 under the tutelage of Sri. Srinivasan of AIT, Chennai. I subsequently had the God fortune of being guided by the Ghattam Stalwart in Sri. Vikku Vinayakaram. With this fortune, I had accompanied on Mridangam on Kutcheries, AIR and Doordarshan from the age of 12. At the age of 14, I had composed a fusion programme which was telecast in Doordarshan, Chennai.

Due to educational and professional compulsions, my future advancement in music got stifled. However, the hunger in me for Music could never die. I completed an album called "Cascade", which was only shared to my family members just to satisfy my personal interest in music.

Buoyed by feedback from my family members, my quest for music was reborn. In the form of learning keyboard on my own, my Mridangam specialization (rhythm) helped me in a big way in furthering my success in keyboard playing and composing. This way, I ventured into a full scale album in fusion music..

My desire and enthusiasm in fusion music coupled with hard work and attention to details have given birth to a new born child christened         "Fusion Captivated"

Song: Expect the Unexpected Raaga: Maya Malawa Gowla


There was a Press Coverage on the launch of this Fusion CD at Sathyam on 30th April 2009.

This is what the Press Reporters have to say, as mentioned below

Think music launches first non-film music album

By Indian Express 02 May 2009 12:03:00 AM It was a dream come true for Ramkumar RN as he launched his fusion album ‘Fusion Captivated’ on Thursday at Sathyam Cinemas. Speaking at the launch, Ramkumar who was a disciple of Vikku Vinayakram learning mridangam from the Ghatam maestro, shared his experience on how the idea of making an album came to him. "Once while I was enjoying a sunrise at the Elliots beach, a song in Boopal raga came to my mind. That has now translated to an album of songs," recalls Ramkumar whose album has a fusion of classical music and Jazz. The guests present on the occasion shared their experiences with Ramkumar. Sarath, who handled the packaging of the album, said, "We met just once. He liked the first design I made for him and we made no changes after that." Think Music, the audio division of Sathyam Cinemas has marketed and produced the album. "This is our first non-film audio. I hope it’ll be a hit," said Pradeep of Think Music. Yugi Sethu, TV anchor and cine artiste recalled how George Harrison started the trend of fusion music. In India the Shakti group started by Ustad Allah Rakka and his son Zakir Hussein popularised fusion music. "The film industry is now using fusion music a great deal," said Yugi. Music director Bharadwaj, who released the album explained how difficult it is to compose music. "He has correctly combined traditional South Indian music with modern music and that’s how music has to be created. I am sure people will accept it," he said, adding that music composing has become complex now, as there are various combinations of instruments as opposed to the basic ones decades back. Singer Meera Krishna with her husband Krishna from Sruthilaya and BV Ramanan were also present on the occasion. Ramkumar RN’s Fusion Captivated is available at music stores at Rs 99.